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"A compelling performance by Michael Joiner, a stand-up comic who provides a watchable center." -Robert W. Butler Kansas City Star ("The Grace Card" review)

Since his break out starring role as 'Mac McDonald' in Sony Pictures "The Grace Card", where Michael received the impressive distinction of being the only actor in the history of faith based movies to receive rave reviews in both "The Hollywood Reporter" and "Variety", Michael Joiner has starred and/or co starred in no less than 11 Movies, his career showing no signs of slowing down. Known to go to extremes in preparing for his characters; Michael lost 15 lbs for "The Grace Card". He gained 22 lbs to play a small town sheriff for "Surrender".He grew a 70's style mustache, dyed his hair and stayed in "hyper mode" for the "over the top" low life ambulance chaser Larry Larson" in "11 Seconds". For his anti Christ character in "My Name is Paul", Michael created his own dialect based partly on a British accent with a touch of South Afrikan. Michael is also known as one of the worlds funniest clean comedians. His comedy career spans twenty plus years, headlining major "A" clubs like LA's Improv and The Ice House, as well as New York City's HA Comedy Cafe. In 2008 Michael won 1st place at The Hollywood Improv's "Funniest comic in LA". In 2010 he was nominated in Nashville's "Christian Music Hall of Fame" Funniest Comedian of the year. Michael worked and studied in LA for ten years before moving back home to Kansas City,MO. where he now lives with his wife and three children.

Here's what critics had to say about Michael joiner's performance as "Mac" McDonald:






In between shots on the set of "MY NAME IS PAUL" , Charlotte, NC. 2/10/13.

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5/05/16 DVD release of Michael's starring role in "Chasing Grace" WORD Films May 4, 2016. He is also producer

04/25/16 Michael Joiner To co-star in full length feature horror, "Kudzu Zombies" filming Mississippi, June 2016

10/03/15 Michael Joiner To star in full length feature thriller, "Bigfoot" filming in Minnesota 2016

9/11/15 Michael Joiner To co-star in full length feature thriller, "Out of the Darkness" filming in Oregon

6/04/15Michael Joiner co-stars w Joey Lawrence in gritty faith based drama. "Saved by Grace" is the 5th full length feature film from Hollywood's Skipstone Pictures.

3/15/15 Michael Joiner To star w Nancy Stafford in full length feature comedy, "Heaven Bound"

6/01/14 Michael Joiner launches new film production company, Esther Pictures

6/01/14 Michael Joiner to co-star in "THE GRACE OF THE FATHER".Filming OCT. 2014 in Orlando, FL.

6/01/14 Michael Joiner to co-star in "DANCER".Filming TBA in Jacksonville, FL. 2014

7/12/14 Michael Joiner lands starring role in "PAUL'S PROMISE" opposite Stephen Baldwin.Filming begins in Arkansas, Sept., 2014.

5/01/14 Michael Joiner tapped to star in drama/thriller "Chasing Grace." Filming begins in North Carolina May 21, 2014.

2/01/13 Michael Joiner to co-star in LOVE COVERS ALL,filming in Atlanta, GA September 2013

2/01/13 Michael Joiner lands "BEST ACTOR" NOM for his role in "ABOUND" at the 168 Film Festival. Premier in LA,CA. July 2013.

2/01/13 Michael's film "Abound" has been chosen as one of the finalists for the 168 Film Festival. Premier in LA,CA. June 2013.

2/01/13 Michael Joiner lands starring role in "Nailbiter (LIONSGATE) Director Patrick Rea's film "Vindicate". May 2013.

2/01/13 Michael has been cast as one of the leads in the movie "Abound"also starring Rachel Hendrix (October Baby) and Josh Murray (Killing Lincoln)

2/01/13 Michael has been cast as one of the leads in the movie "Eleven Seconds." with Casper Von Diem. Shooting will begin March 2013 in Nashville,TN.

12/12/12 Michael has just been cast as one of the leads in the drama "Surrender." Shooting will begin January 2013 in Ozark,MO.

11/05/12 Michael has been cast as one of the leads in the highly anticipated drama "My Name is Paul." Shooting will begin February 2013 in Charlotte, NC.

11/03/12 Michael has been cast as on of the leads in "Rumors of Wars" now filming in Grand Rapids, MI.This gritty futuristic thriller also stars Eric Roberts, as well as Jason Burkey (October Baby), Shannen Fields (Facing the Giants)and Kelsey Sanders (The Genesis Code)

10/28/12 Michael has just finished filming the drama "Ashes of Eden" in Ionia, MI.

9/20/12 Michael has just been cast in a principal role in "THE IDENTICAL" with Ray Liotta and Seth Green.Filming in Nashville, TN. Nov. 2012.

9/05/12 Michael has just been tapped to star in the full length feature "THE BASEMENT". Filming begins October 17 in washington,DC.

9/03/12 Michael's film "Jessica's Journey" with Ben Davies from "Courageous" now in stores!

8/20/12 Michael Joiner has just been tapped to co star with Stephen Baldwin in the cowboy drama, "RIDING DESTINY." This powerful drama, which will also be the directorial debut of Stephen Baldwin, is set to start shooting late spring of 2013.

COMING SOON! Look for Michael's starring role in the full length feature film BROKEN FAITH, a powerful and inspiring action/drama now in post production

Michael will also be co starring with Kevin Sorbo, Stephen Baldwin, and Bruce Davison In the political thriller THE PERSECUTED Produced by Gray Frederickson - Executive Producer of The Godfather, Part II, Part III/The Outsiders/Apocalypse Now,now in pre production


Michael is SAG/AFTRA.

Management SERIOUS COMEDY AGENCY Los Angeles, CA.(661) 414-2992


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