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Bananas Comedy


Bananas is the award winning stand-up comedy show that is more than just a guy on a stage! Featuring the comedy of Michael Joiner, this episode of Bananas is packed full of laughs and insightful interviews as well as some hilarious unscripted moments caught on tape. Michael dances his way around various subjects with his remarkable wit and style. From the fast-food clerk to his wife's untouchable towels and even the hokey pokey, Michael will keep you laughing. Best of all, it's good clean fun for the entire family!

Michael Joiner, national touring comedian and contributing writer for Jay Leno, has thrilled thousands with his endless wit, unique humor and clean style of clever sarcasm. He has performed in comedy clubs, on cruise ships, at colleges, schools, and corporate functions across the country. In addition to having been in over 50 Hollywood films, Michael has also appeared on The Gospel Music Channel, TNN, FamilyNet and Odyssey. Michael's improvisational skills and engaging ability to interact with his audience will leave you rolling with laughter