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Michael Joiner: GOD'S SMART ALECK!

When you book Comedian Michael Joiner you get stand-up comedy and an improv group in one!

"Incredible audience interaction and improv! Michael gave us a night we will never forget!"


Michael Joiner show is unlike anything you’ve experienced. He’s hilariously poignant and has a laid back delivery – almost as if you were talking with him on a park bench, whiling away an afternoon. .

He also has an unexpected skill at improv. With this craft waning in comedy in recent years, it is refreshing to see someone deviate from the script every now and then and involve the audience.

Michael Joiner does that like the greats of old did, making it personal and even asking for a video account of the, shall we say ‘interaction’ that might occur in the parking lot after the show because of it. Becoming a part of the show is a surefire way to form a long-lasting memory. Michael Joiner provides that and more..

One of only four comedians in the world selected to perform on the DVD, “The Clean Stand Up Comedy Tour”; Funniest Comic in LA in 2008; a shout-out in TV Guide as one of the funniest comedians working today; performances on Bananas and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – these are only a few of the accolades Michael Joiner has amassed over the years. And with good reason. His style, a dynamic mix of sarcasm, truth and audience interaction that goes over so smoothly, audiences are laughing before they know it, is honed to perfection. He talks about the things we are all thinking, such as a snoring husband who doesn’t think he snores, or the most desirable accents to adapt after a visit to another country, or the kid at the fast food drive-thru who can’t get our order right. If we are being as honest as he is, we do think British accents are cool, we do wonder why the kid at the drive through can’t get our order right, and yes, we think our partners snore too much! Using observational comedy he is able to tap into what we are thinking and lay it bare for all to see. He then pokes at it and makes you laugh in spite of yourself… it’s what endears him to his audiences; it’s how he makes his connection resonate.

If you are considering booking a clean comedian for a corporate function, consider Michael Joiner. Comedy clubs like The Funny Bone and The Ice House didn’t go wrong when they scheduled him for shows, and you won’t either.


Having made his living from 1992 to the present performing a large percentage of his shows at corporate events; Michael is an expert at what the corporate client wants and needs to make their event a night that they will never forget.

For corporate events, Michael not only performs his regular Comedy show, but he will also interweave personalized humor based on information your company gives him, plus interject audience-interactive improv that has gotten him hundreds of quotes like these:

Michael can make his show work for crowds of 50 to literally thousands.

Please contact us with details about your event, date etc. and someone will get back to you with a quote.

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