“A POWERFULLY INTENSE performance by Michael Joiner in ‘The Grace Card!’
"Joiner is RIVETING
in The Grace Card!"
his characters least
likable qualities!”
"Joiner is AMAZING
in The Grace Card!"
"Comedian Michael Joiner
is quietly effective
(in The Grace Card)"


Although he spends most of his time performing stand-up all across the USA, Michael Joiner is also an established actor in both movies and television. After learning the craft through study with some of Hollywood's most acclaimed acting coaches, by the late '80s Joiner began to audition regularly. He started landing small, mostly uncredited roles in films like the 1988 horror comedies "Fright Night Part 2 "and "Lucky Stiff," as well as the made-for-TV movies "The Revenge of Al Capone "and "The Karen Carpenter Story," both of which were released in 1989. Although Joiner took a hiatus from acting in the '90s to focus more on his stand-up comedy act, he returned in a co-starring role as a robber in the 2003 short film "The Aura." Although comedy was his strong suit, Joiner refused to limit himself to only comedic roles. By the mid 2000s he was guest starring on such acclaimed television dramas as "Untold Stories of the ER," "Mystery ER," and 2007's "Murder," in which he played a detective. Joiner has a major role in 2010 when he starred as a bitter police officer that ultimately finds inner peace and redemption once he accepts God in the religious drama, "The Grace Card."
While in Hollywood he private coached with Kevin Spaceys acting teacher, John Swanbeck. After several months their he auditioned for and was allowed in to Sal Landi's very coveted and private acting class where he performed on stage weekly with A-listers and other very well known actors. Soon after Michael landed an agent and was getting cast in TV, Film and Commercials. His comedy career was also taking off, especially after he won 1st place at The Hollywood Improv's "Funniest Comic in LA" contest in 2008.
In 2010, after moving his family back home to Kansas City, MO, Michael beat out dozens of actors  to land the starring role in Sony Pictures "The Grace Card". Since then Michael has starred in over a dozen feature films.
He is also the CEO of hs own film production company, Esther Pictures.

Joiner's SOLID PERFORMANCE carry's the movie....

-Tampa Bay Times

“Actor-comedian Michael Joiner delivers a POWERFULLY INTENSE PERFORMANCE as Mac McDonald in The Grace Card!”

The Hollywood Reporter


“Joiner, heretofore best known as a standup comic, FEARLESSLY ILLUMINATES (his characters) least likeable qualities…”